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Sticker Wrist Lock

Sticker Wrist Lock

Only 7 left in stock

Sticker design of one of the most prison rules submission in Jiu-Jitsu: the wrist lock. 

A wrist lock is a small joint manipulation technique targeting the wrist joint. It involves applying pressure or leverage to the opponent´s wrist in a way that creates discomfort or pain. Proper execution requires control and understanding of the wrist´s anatomy. Wrist locks can be effective in controlling or submitting an opponent. 
This sticker is perfect to stick on your BJJ notebook, laptop, cell phone, water bottle or on the entrance of your gym.

- designed in Leipzig, Germany
- made in Sweden
- high quality print 80g
- Indoor stickers
- Glossy vinyl film

The sticker is contour cutted and 8x6,3 cm.
Due to the perforation, it can be easily detached from the backing paper.
All orders include free world-wide shipping and are shipped with a sturdy card backing so they get to you safely.

All LE Movement artworks are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission.

Stickers are great! But they get even more awesome in combination with a nice Rashguard, Shorts or Spats. Check out our awesome designs to stand out on the mats!

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