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About Us

The idea of ​​LE Movement was born in 2016. My old BJJ gym ordered custom rashguards from a very well known Jiu-Jitsu brand. Unfortunately, my initial euphoria disappeared as soon as the goods arrived. It was downright disappointing. Our club logo was purple instead of red, the elbow graphic wasn't on the elbow, the fabric was way too stiff and the stitching felt like sandpaper. I hated every second of wearing this rash guard. But I didn't want to disappoint my coach either, so I continued to wear it to training. I slowly realized that it's not the well-known names that make good products. It´s about people with passion, dedication and a good feeling for the the customers needs.


3 years later my girlfriend taught me Photoshop and Illustrator (she´s an artist herself, please check out her website) and I started to draw. I made some sketches and created first rough drafts. Finding a textile printer and tailor who met my high standards was not that easy. I've spent hundreds of hours testing different factories and have always been disappointed with their quality. I finally found the perfect print shop in the comments section of an Instagram post by John Danaher - haha, what a coincidence.

After registering a small business, saving money, creating designs and trying different cuts, colors and materials over the past few years, the project was finally ready to go. I did all this after working my regular 9 to 5 job, but it was more than worth it! We launched our online shop at the end of September 2021 and now it's slowly picking up speed. Our first collections: Old School Japanese, Poly and Ranked Gecko were finally available. And many more designs and collections to come. Not bad for only 2 people, huh?


So if you don't want to support just another mindless multi-million dollar brand and want to help a real jiu-jitsu nerd instead who just started his own little clothing line, then this is your chance! Support our little dream, get yourself the best fightwear on the planet and become a fan of LE Movement.


I promise you: If you buy rashguards, shorts, spats or accessories from LE Movement, you will get products with a soul. I guarantee you exclusive designs, outstanding quality, clever details and a personal dedicated customer service.

See you on the mats, 

Christian from LE Movement

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