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White Kaizen Rashguard - Purity of Jiujitsu

White Kaizen Rashguard - Purity of Jiujitsu


Embrace the journey of endless refinement with the White Kaizen Rashguard. Infused with the philosophy of 'Kaizen,' which signifies continuous improvement, this rashguard is a testament to the martial artist's eternal quest for perfection.


Crafted for Excellence

With a clean, white base and subtle cloud designs, the Kaizen Rashguard is a symbol of the wearer's clear focus and dedication to growth. It features delicate yellow accents and kanji that personify the martial values of patience, effort, and evolution.


Symbolic Design, Powerful Statement

The kanji script flows with an elegance that complements the traditional japanese cloud graphics - a reminder to the wearer of the fluidity and adaptability required in martial arts. This rashguard is designed for those who see their training as a path to personal betterment, both on and off the mats.


The Comfort of Mastery

Constructed with premium fabrics that ensure durability and breathability, the Kaizen Rashguard supports your most intense training sessions. The fit is snug yet flexible, allowing for a full range of movement as you practice and drill your techniques.


Step into the White Kaizen Rashguard and wear it as a badge of your commitment to continuous improvement in the art of BJJ, MMA, or any discipline you pursue.

Our Rashguards will give you the pleasant feeling on your skin like wearing a kimono made of silk. The modern Raglan-cut and our ultra smooth flatlock seams provide great mobility and the best comfort on the planet. Every Rashguard from LE Movement has special sides made of „LE mesh"-fabric for better body ventilation - all the way from your hips up to your wrists (long sleeve) or biceps (short sleeve). This helps to cool down your body and mind. Our extra-strong rubber waistband rather pulls the skin off your bones than allowing it to slip during training. So you really don´t have to worry about slipping out rashguards anymore. If you purchase Rashguards from LE Movement you'll get products with soul. We put every single new piece to the test on the mats ourselfs before production to make sure you´ll love it.

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