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Be Water Rashguard - Master the Grappling Flow

Be Water Rashguard - Master the Grappling Flow


Introducing the "Be Water" Rashguard – where the ancient wisdom of Bruce Lee meets the innovative spirit of BJJ and MMA. This piece from our Old School Japanese Collection is more than just a rashguard; it's an armor for those who flow with the grace of water in the most intense grappling exchanges.


Fluid Design for the Martial Artist

Dive into the heart of jiujitsu with a design inspired by the tranquil yet powerful essence of water. The turquoise and azure hues, accented with stark black contours, embody the fluid movements of BJJ, while the Koi - a revered symbol in Japanese tradition - echoes your path of transformation and perseverance in MMA and grappling.


Crafted for Adaptability and Style

Crafted to cater to the demands of grappling and the dynamism of MMA, this rashguard supports your pursuit of martial mastery. The "Be Water" Rashguard isn't just about meeting the physical demands of BJJ; it's about adorning your warrior spirit with a piece that reflects your adaptability in the face of any challenge.


Versatile Gear for Every Roll and Combat

Whether you're drilling techniques at your BJJ gym, showcasing your skills at a seminar, or dominating at no-gi grappling competitions, this rashguard stands as your ally. It is designed to accompany your journey across all disciplines of martial arts, from the disciplined world of Jiujitsu to the competitive arena of MMA.


Stand Out with Confidence

The "Be Water" Koi Rashguard is created for the martial artist who commands attention without a word. When you step onto the mat in this rashguard, expect to turn heads and receive nods of respect. It's not just gear; it's a statement of your dedication to BJJ and MMA, designed to boost your confidence and presence in any setting.


Slide into the "Be Water" Rashguard and embody the philosophy of water – formless, adaptable, and unstoppable. This is your chance to not only practice the art of BJJ and MMA but to wear it with pride every time you face your next grappling challenge.

Our Rashguards will give you the pleasant feeling on your skin like wearing a kimono made of silk. The modern Raglan-cut and our ultra smooth flatlock seams provide great mobility and the best comfort on the planet. Every Rashguard from LE Movement has special sides made of „LE mesh"-fabric for better body ventilation - all the way from your hips up to your wrists (long sleeve) or biceps (short sleeve). This helps to cool down your body and mind. Our extra-strong rubber waistband rather pulls the skin off your bones than allowing it to slip during training. So you really don´t have to worry about slipping out rashguards anymore. If you purchase Rashguards from LE Movement you'll get products with soul. We put every single new piece to the test on the mats ourselfs before production to make sure you´ll love it.

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