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Poly Lion Rashguard - Unleash Your Power on the Mats

Poly Lion Rashguard - Unleash Your Power on the Mats


Step onto the mat with the primal force of our Poly Lion Rashguard, a design born from passion and embraced by the many. This was the very first creation to launch our line, a rashguard that roars with vibrant life and has become a favorite from day one.


Inspired Origins, Vibrant Future

Born from a team logo that was too bold for the status quo, this rashguard has transcended its origins to become a symbol of strength and artistry in BJJ. The majestic lion, polygonally reimagined, is a declaration of the fighter's heart that beats within each athlete.


A Tribute to Brazilian Jiujitsu

The color palette is a direct tribute to the vibrant spirit of Brazil - the birthplace of BJJ. From the dark sleeves that speak to the depth of the martial art, to the grayscale polygons that represent the building blocks of skill, culminating in the full-color spectrum that embodies the vibrant journey of mastery.


Attention-Grabbing Design

The Poly Lion Rashguard is not just another piece of training gear - it's a statement. Designed to stand out, it transitions from dark to light, capturing the progression of a martial artist's journey. The bold lion's head is not merely a design - it's a challenge, a statement, a rallying cry for those who dare to exert the power of the king of the jungle.


The Art of Performance

Adorning this rashguard, be prepared for heads to turn and eyes to follow. It is modern art in motion, with a design so compelling it demands attention. Feel the pressure of the king of beasts - the lion, and let it fuel your every move, every technique, every victory.


Wear the Poly Lion Rashguard and embody the king's might. Let the world know you're not just there to train - you're there to dominate, to improve, and to leave an indelible mark on all who witness your martial prowess.

Our Rashguards will give you the pleasant feeling on your skin like wearing a kimono made of silk. The modern Raglan-cut and our ultra smooth flatlock seams provide great mobility and the best comfort on the planet. Every Rashguard from LE Movement has special sides made of „LE mesh"-fabric for better body ventilation - all the way from your hips up to your wrists (long sleeve) or biceps (short sleeve). This helps to cool down your body and mind. Our extra-strong rubber waistband rather pulls the skin off your bones than allowing it to slip during training. So you really don´t have to worry about slipping out rashguards anymore. If you purchase Rashguards from LE Movement you'll get products with soul. We put every single new piece to the test on the mats ourselfs before production to make sure you´ll love it.

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