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Herakles Rashguard - The first Mata Leão

Herakles Rashguard - The first Mata Leão


Step into your own legend with the Herakles Rashguard from our Gods & Demons Collection. Embodied with the spirit of the original Lion Killer, this rashguard symbolizes the triumph over seemingly unbeatable challenges, drawing inspiration from Herakles' epic victory over the Nemean Lion.


Mythological Might on the Mats

The front of the rashguard features an evocative scene depicting Herakles' formidable strength, inspiring BJJ and MMA practitioners to tap into their inner might. With each training session, channel the tenacity of a demi-god, and the tactical prowess to subdue even the most daunting of opponents. The reverse of the Herakles Rashguard reveals a captivating tableau where a Satyr engages in an entrancing dance, akin to the intricate game of traps and deception found in BJJ. This artful depiction serves as a metaphor for the strategic finesse of setting up techniques, baiting opponents, and the cerebral aspect of martial combat where foresight leads to victory.


A Palette Drawn from Antiquity

Cloaked in the rich, earthy tones of an ancient Greek vase, the dark brown almost black color scheme echoes the textures of antiquity. The central artwork in beige and brown is not just a visual centerpiece - it's a call to the resilience and fortitude within each athlete.


For the Modern-Day Warrior

Wearing the Herakles Rashguard is about feeling empowered, ready to face and overcome any obstacle. It's a garment that doesn't just sit on your skin - it interweaves the legacy of the past with the resilience needed in the present.


A Tribute to Martial Heritage

This rashguard represents the timeless connection of grappling arts through the ages, from the ancient Pankration to today's BJJ and MMA. It's for the martial artist who respects the lineage of their sport and wears this history as a badge of honor in their pursuit of greatness.


Embrace the Herakles Rashguard and let it bolster your journey on and off the mats, reminding you that every grip, every technique, and every submission is part of a larger story - one of continuous strength, growth, and the eternal bond of martial arts through time.

Our Rashguards will give you the pleasant feeling on your skin like wearing a kimono made of silk. The modern Raglan-cut and our ultra smooth flatlock seams provide great mobility and the best comfort on the planet. Every Rashguard from LE Movement has special sides made of „LE mesh"-fabric for better body ventilation - all the way from your hips up to your wrists (long sleeve) or biceps (short sleeve). This helps to cool down your body and mind. Our extra-strong rubber waistband rather pulls the skin off your bones than allowing it to slip during training. So you really don´t have to worry about slipping out rashguards anymore. If you purchase Rashguards from LE Movement you'll get products with soul. We put every single new piece to the test on the mats ourselfs before production to make sure you´ll love it.

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