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Silver Gecko Shorts - BJJ Agility

Silver Gecko Shorts - BJJ Agility

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Step onto the mat in the Silver Gecko Shorts, where the elegance of minimalism meets the pinnacle of performance. Inspired by the effortless agility of the gecko, these shorts embody the spirit of movement that is the heart of martial arts.


Agile Design for the Dynamic Fighter

Crafted for fighters who value sophistication in their stride, these shorts feature a muted grey palette, accented with a distinct black gecko emblem. The symbol of agility rests on your thigh, a mark of your commitment to the art and your dedication to craft.


Hidden Features for Unhindered Movement

Experience freedom like never before with our unique elastic fabric in the groin area, adorned with subtle gecko footprints. This hidden feature allows for unrivaled flexibility and range of motion, ensuring every move is executed with precision.


Wear with Pride

The Silver Gecko Shorts are more than just fightwear, they are a statement of pride. Designed to feel like a second skin, they offer a minimalist yet bold aesthetic that stands out with understated confidence.


Optimized Cut for Superior Fit

Engineered with a new optimized cut, the Silver Gecko Shorts conform to your form, providing a fit that complements every maneuver. They are the silent ally to your training, designed to excel in every grappling session, BJJ class, or MMA bout.


Standout Quality

Set apart by their unmatched fit and hidden functionality, the Silver Gecko Shorts redefine what it means to wear fightwear. They are not just shorts -  they are a testament to innovation, comfort, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in martial arts apparel.

Embrace the Silver Gecko Shorts as part of your arsenal, and step into your next challenge with gear that's as focused and formidable as you are.

Our Shorts are different. I personally hate Velcro in BJJ or MMA Shorts. After some years it doesn´t work anymore and it ruins your Rashguards and Spats while washing it together in the washing machine. So you won´t find any velcro on Shorts from LE Movement. Our Shorts have strong hidden rubber bands on the sides of the waistband, paired with drawstrings on the inside to keep your Shorts in place. A multidirectional flex panel on the bottom and reinforced vents on both sides will allow you full range of motion for your everyday porrada. We put every single new piece to the test on the mats ourselfs before production to make sure you´ll love it.

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