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Black Kaizen Shorts

Black Kaizen Shorts

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*same as Kaizen Shorts but with black side slits and new cut*


Elevate your training with the Kaizen Shorts, designed for BJJ, MMA, and grappling practitioners who value the balance of tradition and innovation. Adorned with Japanese cloud motifs and vibrant yellow accents, these shorts symbolize the philosophy of continuous improvement—'Kaizen'. Each feature, from the 'Kaizen' Kanji to the 'Japan' stamp, enhances the martial artist’s journey towards mastery. Perfect for those committed to evolving every day, the Kaizen Shorts are not just apparel, but a partner in your pursuit of excellence on and off the mat.

Our Shorts are different. I personally hate Velcro in BJJ or MMA Shorts. After some years it doesn´t work anymore and it ruins your Rashguards and Spats while washing it together in the washing machine. So you won´t find any velcro on Shorts from LE Movement. Our Shorts have strong hidden rubber bands on the sides of the waistband, paired with drawstrings on the inside to keep your Shorts in place. A multidirectional flex panel on the bottom and reinforced vents on both sides will allow you full range of motion for your everyday porrada. We put every single new piece to the test on the mats ourselfs before production to make sure you´ll love it.

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