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Boring Shorts - Stealthy Simplicity for the real Ninja

Boring Shorts - Stealthy Simplicity for the real Ninja

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Step into the shadows and onto the mats with our Boring Shorts, the epitome of stealth in our Boring Collection. Designed for the martial artist who embodies the spirit of the ninja, these shorts celebrate the silent, unseen, and unstoppable.


Embrace the Understated

In a world of flash and color, the Boring Shorts stand out by not standing out. A deep black canvas is subtly accented with dark grey logos so discreet they might escape the casual observer. This is where minimalism meets mystery, and simplicity becomes sophistication.


The Art of the Unseen

With a name that winks at the dual meaning of drilling - both the martial routine and the crafting technique - these shorts are an ode to the martial artist's journey. The Boring Collection isn't just about what's visible - it's about the relentless pursuit of perfection that happens beneath the surface.


A Symbol of Martial Mastery

The Boring Shorts are for those who know that real prowess doesn't need to shout. Like the most accomplished fighters with their 'boring' styles, these shorts are about effectiveness over appearance. They represent the practitioner who lets their skill speak for itself, whose victories are no less brilliant for their quiet delivery.


The Function of Form

Beyond their stealthy style, these shorts are crafted with the serious athlete in mind - fitting snugly, moving fluidly, and supporting every sweep and submission attempt. They are the perfect companion for those who focus on their craft, honing their art until it's razor-sharp and battle-tested.

Wear the Boring Shorts and become a force to be reckoned with. Let others go for the glare. You'll go for the win.

Our Shorts are different. I personally hate Velcro in BJJ or MMA Shorts. After some years it doesn´t work anymore and it ruins your Rashguards and Spats while washing it together in the washing machine. So you won´t find any velcro on Shorts from LE Movement. Our Shorts have strong hidden rubber bands on the sides of the waistband, paired with drawstrings on the inside to keep your Shorts in place. A multidirectional flex panel on the bottom and reinforced vents on both sides will allow you full range of motion for your everyday porrada. We put every single new piece to the test on the mats ourselfs before production to make sure you´ll love it.

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