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Be Water Shorts - Flow Rolling Fluidity

Be Water Shorts - Flow Rolling Fluidity

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Introducing the Be Water Koi Shorts from our revered Old School Japanese Collection – an embodiment of calm power and resilient grace on the mats. Tailored for the martial artist who appreciates the blend of tradition with the tenacity of modern fightwear, these shorts are a tribute to the enduring spirit of the Koi.


Aesthetic Harmony Meets Mat-Ready Design

Crafted with the movements of BJJ and MMA in mind, the Koi Shorts feature the fluidity and elegance of the Koi amidst the currents of combat. The striking design draws from the depths of martial arts philosophy, where adaptability leads to triumph and beauty emerges from discipline.


The Koi - A Symbol of Martial Virtue

Clad in these shorts, you embody the Koi's journey – pushing upstream against all challenges, transforming with every training session. The Koi does not falter - it endures, evolves, and excels, much like a martial artist in pursuit of mastery.


Subtle Detail, Significant Impact

While minimalist in their base hue, the shorts are graced with a Japanese waves pattern that balances subtlety with impact – a perfect match for the martial artist whose presence is felt rather than flaunted. Each thread is woven with the promise of durability, comfort, and a fit that complements the fluidity of your every move.


Unleash Your Potential

The Koi Shorts are not just part of your attire - they're part of your armor. They equip you for the relentless pursuit of excellence, supporting every roll, every takedown, every victory with unwavering quality and comfort.


Embrace the Koi Shorts as your companion on the path of martial arts – where each step is an expression of your strength, each victory a celebration of your journey.

Our Shorts are different. I personally hate Velcro in BJJ or MMA Shorts. After some years it doesn´t work anymore and it ruins your Rashguards and Spats while washing it together in the washing machine. So you won´t find any velcro on Shorts from LE Movement. Our Shorts have strong hidden rubber bands on the sides of the waistband, paired with drawstrings on the inside to keep your Shorts in place. A multidirectional flex panel on the bottom and reinforced vents on both sides will allow you full range of motion for your everyday porrada. We put every single new piece to the test on the mats ourselfs before production to make sure you´ll love it.

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