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 LE Movement
fightwear with soul

BJJ Rashguards, MMA Shorts, Spats & More

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created by a grappler

Do you really want to support just another multi-million dollar brand with no soul? Everything from LE Movement is designed by an actual grappler, me.   I´m a passionate Jiu-Jitsu nerd who started his own outstanding clothing line. And I´m more than happy if you´ll become a fan of my dedicated artworks, too!

porrada tested

Everything from LE Movement gets battle tested before production. Every new cut, every new fabric, every new detail gets through hundreds of hours on the NoGi Grappling mats. Tested by my friends and myself.

Quality checked

I´m checking every single piece before shipping myself. I´m checking every stitching, every print, every color and every fabric to make sure you´re getting the best fightwear on the planet.


Got tired of all those boring BJJ Rashguard prints out there? With LE Movement there is no more bore-out on the mats. Our fresh, cool and stunning designs will turn lots of heads, 100% guaranteed.

The feeling

The fabric we´re using for LE Movement Rashguards and Spats feels like wearing a kimono made of silk. For better body ventilation we´re using "LE Movement-mesh" sides - all the way from your hips up to your wrists (long sleeve) or biceps (short sleeve). This helps to cool down your body and mind. Our MMA Shorts are velcro-free and ultra nice to wear, too. We call this "the feeling" and you´ll love it.

Our Promise

If you purchase Rashguards, Shorts or Spats from LE Movement you'll get products with soul. You´ll get amazing durable quality, outstanding designs, clever details and a dedicated customer service.

Do you like the instagram posts of John Danaher? Here are the reasons why you should choose LE Movement in a very long text.. Get ready to move with LE Movement! We are your go-to brand for all the best BJJ and MMA gear. From top-quality rash guards and shorts to must-have spats / tights and training gear, we´ve got everything you need to crush your trainings and dominate on the mat. Our BJJ rash guards are made with super-soft, silk-like, moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you feeling cool and dry no matter how hard you train. Plus, we´ve got a great selection of MMA shorts in the hottest styles and colors. And if you´re looking to add some extra grip to your game, our grappling spats are the perfect choice. But we´re not just about the gear - we´ve also got a sick selection of stylish apparel for when you´re off the mat. From trendy t-shirts to cool hoodies and accessoires, we´ve got everything you need to show off your BJJ and MMA pride in style. Thanks for choosing LE Movement. We can´t wait to help you level up your training and style!

LE Movement?


Strong Jiu jitsu shorts buyed from here. Great product, great seller.
Michael Keil, Google

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